The medieval sausage slinging game from the creator of Bop It!

Wield thy long beanbags and seek the royal jewels in this seriously competitive, ridiculously social, medieval sausage-slinging-inspired game!

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'Tis like Axe Throwing... with a Sausage!

In Sling It, the goal is to sling sausage-shaped beanbags into vertical slots. It’s no coincidence that it has been compared to Axe throwing. Just as they described in medieval times, “thou ought hold it like a sausage, sling it like thine axe”. 

Today, instead of using actual “sobrasada” sausages, we have devoted countless hours of R&D perfecting our proprietary long beanbags to have the ideal shape, filling and flexibility to wedge snuggly between the bars; Much like the master sausage makers before us passionately perfected their sausages in medieval times!


Gather Ye Fellow Competitors

Gather thy friends (or foes) and prepare thyself for an historic sausage slingin' competition.

Ready, Aim, 

Throw thy beanbag sausages like an axe and hear the satisfying THWACK as they wedge themselves between the bars.

Seek the Royal Jewels

The first player to earn 11 royal jewels wins the contest — and shall be crowned the Royal Sausage Slinger!

The Lore of Sling It!

11/11 Day of the Sausages

Sling It is a highly competitive backyard game said to be inspired by a thousand year old mallorcan festival known as Dia de la Sobrasada, or “Day of the Sausages”, held on November 11th every year since 913 A.D – the four 1’s symbolizing the 4 royal sausages. According to legend, “on the 11th hour of the 11th day on the 11th month his Majesty shall raise one of thy royal sausage above thy crown and decree ” ’tis time to Sling Thy Sausage!”

The Royal Sausage Gate

The kingdom’s many sausage makers would then proudly compete by slinging their 4 most perfectly shaped sausages at the palace gate. However, if their sausage was too small, it would slip through the gate – too large and it would bounce off. Only a sobrasada of the perfect thickness and consistency would wedge between the bars and be considered fit for the king.

"Sling It Like Thine Axe"

Many sausage makers were masters of repeatedly wedging their sausages between the bars – but the winner was determined by whomever slung their sausage the highest. It is speculated that burly axe throwers with great strength and accuracy were often bribed with fine ale to disguise themselves as the sausage maker and sling their sausages for them. It’s no wonder that consuming ale and slinging sausages is still compared to axe throwing over 1000 years later!

The 1,111th Anniversary

Based on a recent discovery of a coat of arms created with the sorcery of AI, it is believed that the first Dia De La Sobrasada was held in 913 A.D. which makes November 11, 2024 the 1111th anniversary of Day of the Sausages – A doubly royal celebration of the 4 Royal Sausages indeed!

What Size Shall Thy Sling It?

Sling It! Minstrel


If you want to play at a bar, bring it in your backpack or put it on the camping table, then go for the Sling It Minstrel. It even fits comfortably on a conference table so that the whole office gang can sling it together!


TBD Late 2024

Sling It! OG


If you Sling It in the backyard, at the beach, a tailgate, or wherever you would play cornhole, then the Sling It Revellor is for you. In addition, it’s compact enough to play indoors as well for your pub or basement!


Available on Kickstarter

Sling It! Behemoth


If you want to show off your sausage slinging skills at your next big event, block party or Oktoberfest, go for the Sling It Behemoth! It’s ridiculously huge with 7 slots and 16 beanbags for up to 8 players! Perfect for outdoor breweries, summer camps, and large-scale royal sling it tournaments!


TBD Late 2024

Meet The Creators

Greetings all ye future sausage slingers! Thank you for landing here to support our nobel quest to make a game of skill that offers the most ridiculously social yet seriously competitive experience since the catapult!

We are KID Group, a small studio that has been inventing toys and games for major toy companies for over 25 years. You may have even played some of our most notable games, Bop It, Perplexus, Hyperdash, and recently the viral TikTok sensation Pop It Pro.

Sling It is the first of our inventions that we have decided to launch independently and the reason is simple: It’s the most fun, competitive and addictive game we’ve ever created and we can’t wait to get it out there for everyone else to enjoy as much as we have testing and developing it! 

Thanks for joining our quest!
Dan, Brian, Gary, James, and Xavier

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